Movie Review: Any Day Now


Movie Review:  Any Day Now

“Any Day Now” is a must see movie that’s a thought-provoking, timeless story about Marco, a teenager with Down syndrome who is being neglected by his own mother.   It’s a story with several profound messages that takes place in the late 1970s, but very relevant today.   A couple that is seen by the justice system and society as unfit because of their sexual orientation, fights for what’s right for Marco.  This movie will make you laugh, cry, and be at the edge of your seat.  Audiences will walk away questioning their own biased options of those who are seen as different.  “Any Day Now” will make you walk away remembering the one thing that binds us: regardless of those differences, we all deserve love and acceptance.   Because of some adult content this is not a movie suitable for kids.  But, this is a great, heartfelt movie!

In select theaters starting December 14, 2012, visit to see when it will be in your area.



Rudy Donatello:  Alan Cumming

Paul Fleiger:  Garret Dillahunt

Marco Deleon: Isaac Leyva

Judge Meyerson:  Frances Fisher

Lambert:  Gregg Henry

DA Wilson: Chris Mulkey

Lonnie Washington:  Don Franklin

Miss Fleming:  Kelli Williams

Marianna Deleon:  Jamie Ann Allman



Director: Travis Fine

Writers: Travis Fine, George Arthur Bloom

Producers: Travis Fine, Kristine Hostetter Fine, Chip Hourihan, Liam Finn

Executive Producers: Maxine Makover, Anne O’Shea, Wayne LaRue Smith, Dan Skahen

Director of Photography: Rachel Morrison

Film Editor: Tom Cross

Original Music By: Joey Newman

Music Supervisor: PJ Bloom


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