ZOEY: A Novelette




Zoey A Novelette Cover

ZOEY:  A Novelette by Yvonne Pierre

ZOEY is a very sweet and sensitive portrait of a woman, Claire Harper, who is troubled, confused and angry. Her loving and patient husband tries to make her realize that she is the source of her own unhappiness, but Claire refuses to accept that responsibility. Zoey, the couple’s four-year-old daughter, was born with Down syndrome and ever since then Claire has not truly been able to relate to Zoey and her disability. Instead, she chooses to block the truth from her life, won’t seek help, and is unable to give Zoey the love she deserves. But when the moment comes that forces Claire to deal with a life-threatening event, she finally realizes the importance of loving her child and her husband and receiving their love in return.

Available on Amazon in ebook format and paperback, visit http://www.amazon.com/Zoey-Novelette-Yvonne-N-Pierre/dp/0692663436 

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