2014 Recipient: Haile King Rubie

  Haile King-Rubies is an artist with Down syndrome that has created a world of art with no formal training.  He has been painting since age four and has been lauded for his compelling and colorful works of art. Despite his recent hospitalization for emergency heart surgery, Haile has continued his craft and has over […]


2014 Recipient: Dhahran Hart

  Dhahran Hart is a drummer who loves to dance. Dhahran has a children’s book written about him entitled, “DUDE HAS DOWNS”, authored by Celeste Hart. He is an Ambassador for the “NC Race for Research.” This road race, for cognitive research for DS, is held in North Carolina on June 16th-18th.      


2014 Honoree: Sujeet Desai

  Sujeet Desai is an accomplished musician born with Down syndrome. He plays seven instruments: the Bb and bass clarinets, alto saxophone, violin, trumpet, piano and drums.  Sujeet travels the world playing inspirational solo music performances and self-advocacy workshops.  After graduation from high school, he worked as a teacher’s aide for a music department in […]


2014 Recipient: Grace Carter

  Grace Carter rises above all challenges.  She finds the joy in every activity from dancing to horseback riding, swinging on a swing or playing with toys.  Grace loves life!  She has undergone heart surgery, discrimination at school, a major move, and academic challenges.  She sparkles in her activities and is undaunted by what life […]


2014 Honoree: Bernadette Resha

  Born in Nashville TN with Down syndrome, Bernadette Resha has become well known worldwide within the art community. Her exposure to the art world and culture started as a child attending as many art galleries, museums, concert halls and plays as her time would allow.  From an early age, she was encouraged to draw […]


2014 Recipient: Meagan Stacey

    Meagan Stacey is a compassionate young lady who loves people. Even when she’s having a bad day, she has a positive attitude. Meagan sings with the praise team at her church and is an awesome witness regarding Christ’s love for us.


2014 Honoree: Sean Sieleni

  Sean Sieleni is 13 years old and a Special Olympics athlete from Minnesota.  Sean became an athlete with Special Olympics when he was 8 years old.  He has done his own fundraising for the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge and has even taken the icy-water plunge for the last two years.  He has made […]


2014 Recipient: Gloria Huerta Jr.

    Gloria Huerta, Jr is a dancer and advocate with Down syndrome.  She enjoys and is excelling in Polynesian dance.  Gloria is an exceptionally beautiful and loving soul that is active in her mother’s outreach and ministry for the homeless in California.  Named after her mother, Gloria is an example of a Christian, endearing […]


2014 Recipient: Olivia Brosseau

  Olivia Brosseau is a nineteen year old young lady with Down syndrome.  She is an advocate determined to make a difference in the Down syndrome community.  Olivia is passionate about minimizing the struggles of her peers and ending bullying. She is also working to eliminate the “R” word and replacing it with “RESPECT”!  Olivia […]