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[Article] Tips on How to Create Book Trailers


A book trailer is similar to a movie trailer in that it employs video advertisement to promote and encourage viewers.  When marketing a book, book trailers can serve as a great marketing tool for generating buzz and interest. While you do have the option of spending thousands of dollars to have a book trailer done professionally, it is much cheaper to invest some time and make one yourself. Ultimately, your main goal is to spark an interest amongst your target audience and compel them to buy and read your book.

First, do your research. Stalk YouTube and watch as many book trailers as you can. This will give you an idea of the various techniques being used for creating one.  You’ll also need to search for video-making software.  While there are many software tools on the market, PowerPoint and Movavi Screen Capture are two worth considering.  Whichever you choose, just make sure the application is user-friendly!

Second, put forth time and effort into writing a good script.  Prioritizing key points that need to be included in your book trailer will give you a starting point for developing your script. Jot down all key plots that you feel need to be communicated to your audience in order to spark their interest.  Don’t just repeat the jacket’s content or try and include every detail from your book. Your final draft should be a condensed, clear, and thoughtfully aligned with the overall feel of your book.

Third, collect images. When creating a book trailer you should use visually appealing images that grab a reader’s attention at first glance. Take time to surf the web and find images that match up with your storyline. Royalty-free stock images are the most convenient images to use, as the creators of these images have already given you permission to use them. Photobucket, Shutterstock, and Free Digital Photos are three of the best sites to use in your quest for the perfect images.

Fourth, decide on your audio. Choosing good background music is essential when creating book trailers. Seek out music that complements the mood of your book as well as the images you have chosen. Warning – Make sure you are permitted to use the music you’ve chosen and that you’re not violating any copyright laws by using it.

Fifth, create your trailer.  On the majority of video-sharing sites, the video size is limited to 100 MB; therefore your book trailer should be no longer than 90 seconds. The first thing you’ll need to do is import your photos into your video-making software of choice, and then drag and drop your pictures into the story timelines. Once you’ve added all of your images, you will then want to decide which transitions and video effects would work best for the tone of your trailer. Finally, you’ll add music and/or sound effects.  Make sure to end your book trailer with an image of your book cover and the book’s website (if you have one).

Once you’re done with your book trailer, it’s time to upload it to YouTube or any other video sharing site for everyone to see. You should also embed the video on your blog or share the video link through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Goodreads.  When posting to various sites, always remember to include a description of your book along with a link to where it can be purchased.

There are millions of books being marketed and sold online on a daily basis. By creating a book trailer Psychology Articles, you can provide a visual element of enticement that will make your marketing efforts stand out in the crowd.



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