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Part Four of PERFECT is Streaming Now

Part Four of the six-part series, PERFECT with Lisa Ferrin is STREAMING NOW on YouTube.  To watch this webisode, visit https://youtu.be/9ywsDcGDGdo.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.  Feel free to like and share.  Thank you for your support!

About Lisa:  

Lisa Ferrin is a proud parent of a beautiful 15-year boy named Elijah who has Down syndrome.  She is passionate about advocating for her son and loves creating and co-created inspired projects that spread Down Syndrome awareness in the community. Lisa is also an inspired photographer that loves to focus on humanity and the simple beauty found in nature through the images she captures.  Her inspiration evolved from the love she has for her son Elijah who has Down syndrome.  She has a beautiful series of photos that focus on the Power of Human Connection through hugging and the simple beauty of connection to strangers and the positive impact it has on the community and the world!  Her son Elijah is an intuitive hugger who is led to certain people that he blesses with unconditional love and his healing touch. 

Lisa is also an inspired poet and loves to write freestyle poems about nature, love, and matters of the heart. She occasionally shows up at open mics at coffee shops to recite her poetry.  She created the group, “Pink Sunset Poems” on Facebook to share her poems with the world.


Lisa Ferrin’s past photography exhibitions include:

“Angels in Disguise” was held on 3-9-2010 through  3-13-2010 at the Gallery Danis in Redondo Beach, CA –   A window exhibit celebrating the lives of children with Down syndrome and showing the community how much of a gift they are to the world! It featured over 25 photos of children with Down syndrome in the community and beyond.

“The Power of Hugs” was held on 3-25-2017 through 5-12-2018 at the Frame & Art Dept. in Hermosa, CA.  Featured over 50 images of the connection of the human spirit, one hug at a time.  These photos feature Lisa’s son Elijah hugging strangers that he is led to reach out to and bless in different special ways.  Lisa hopes to continue to spread the Power of Hugs and inspire others to not hold back and to spread more kindness, acceptance, and unconditional Love.

She loves being of service and giving back in the community and loves to volunteer in the community.  Some of the places she volunteers at are Mychal’s Learning Place and Pro-life groups.  

Lisa was featured in Part Four of the web series “Perfect:  Down Syndrome through Our Eyes” which launched in November 2020.


Facebook groups:

Angel Impact Photography:  @angelimpactphotography

Project Angels in Disguise:  @dsangels777

Power of Hugs Project:  @powerofhugs77

Pink Sunset Poems:  @pinksunsetpoems


Instagram:  @hearthugs77

Proud wife and mom of 2 sons (1 w/DS). Award-winning writer (screenwriter, author, & playwright), producer, & advocate for acceptance through my work.

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