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Part Six of PERFECT is Streaming Now

Part Six of the six-part series, PERFECT with Suzanne McCloud is STREAMING NOW on YouTube.  To watch this webisode, visit https://youtu.be/R3yNEGkPOyU.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.  Feel free to like and share.  Thank you for your support!

About Suzanne:

Suzanne McCloud is a full-time mum of 5 that fundraises for a few Down Syndrome charities. She was born in the UK but spent her childhood and teenage years in South Africa.  She met her husband in the UK, then they moved to South Africa for a year where they had their first child.  They’ve been together 26 years and celebrated 24 years of marriage in December 2020.  Suzanne said, “I live for my family. Quite simply I adore them!  My life has been enriched by having a child with DS and meeting so many wonderful parents on our journey. There have been some struggles, more for getting the same rights for my child as the other 4, but I do it!” 

Suzanne was featured in Part Six of the web series “Perfect:  Down Syndrome through Our Eyes” which launched in November 2020.

Suzanne resides in the north of England with her husband and children.

Proud wife and mom of 2 sons (1 w/DS). Award-winning writer (screenwriter, author, & playwright), producer, & advocate for acceptance through my work.

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