The Day My Soul Cried (Book)

The Day My Soul Cried:  A memoir by Yvonne N. Pierre

The Day My Soul Cried Cover



Yvonne Pierre’s journey from the depths of despair to an awakening of soul and spirit, has been a long and difficult one.

From sexual abuse, excessive drinking, failing in school, a young mother, unable to get a job, having a second child with Down syndrome, gaining excessive weight and allowing herself to no longer care about how she looked – the painful pattern of all types of abuse seemed endless.  Until one day, when Yvonne’s soul cried.  She began to see that how she perceived her life and the attitudes she had, were crippling her as much as all her bad habits and the ugly things that happened to her. The realization that through forgiveness of others and most importantly, herself, would prove to be her path to new confidence, new attitude, a joy and love of life and God, and a profound hope that by sharing her story, others may find the courage and strength to do what Yvonne has done.




Edited by Ann K. Fisher
Published by Zyonair’s Unlimited, LLC

ISBN 10 digit: 0615354971
ISBN 13 digit: 978-0-615-35497-2


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