The Yvonne Pierre Show (Talk Radio)

BTR_YPierreShow_Banner2“The Yvonne Pierre Show” launched in 2007, previously named HYH Radio.  Yvonne’s mission with the show was to provide inspirational and informative content ranging from parenting, self-development to business topics.  As an advocate, Yvonne also wanted to also include topics surrounding the special needs community.  The show is an Inspirational and informative talk radio show with guests from many walks of life who join Yvonne in a one-on-one conversation.  As of Nov 2013, the show has had over 100-thousand downloads.   The Yvonne Pierre Show has been named one of the top inspirational shows on BlogTalkRadio in 2009.  Tune in to hear stories, tips, and advice from on topics ranging from self-improvement, business, household savings, parenting, advocacy on various subjects and relationships.  Episodes are recorded live and all previous shows are available on-demand.

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Previous Episodes:

Ep101: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone (Final Episode)

Ep100: Balancing Motherhood & a Successful Career with Nikki Woods

Ep99: The Special Olympics Movement with Kirsten Suto Seckler

Ep98: Project UNIFY with Andrea Cahn and Isabella Smith

Ep97: The Mind, Body and Spirit Connection with Dee Doanes

Ep96: Discrimination and Disabled Profiling with Leroy Moore, Jr.

Ep95: Holistic Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle with Rachel Moore, CNP

Ep94: Holistic Tips for the Cold/Flu Season with Rachel Moore, CNP

Ep93: Keys to a Successful Wedding with Tynisha Barnett

Ep92: Coping with Holiday Stress with Thomas Gagliano

Ep91: Turn Your Passion into Profits with CeCe Clark

Ep90: Healing from Betrayal and Abuse with Inez Reilly

Ep89: Raising Kings with Yvette Ayana Broughton

Ep88: Faith-Based Filmmaking with Audrey Thomas

Ep87: Overcoming Fear: Go Get It with Ciara Elle

Ep86: Understanding That Time of the Month w/ Valarie Carey

Ep85: Succeeding Despite Adversity with Kristie Kennedy

Ep84: Confidence and Self-Worth with Annette Du Bois

Ep83: Preventing Bullying with Charmaine Hammond

Ep82: Preventing the Victims Mentality with Annette Du Bois

Ep81: Bullies at Work, Home & School w/J. Satin & C. Pattay

Ep80: Bullying Starts/Stops at Home with Dr. Nancy S. Buck

Ep79: Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem w/Tara Kennedy-Kline

Ep78: The Effects of Bullying with Tamara Hill

Ep77: From the Bullies Perspective with Thomas Gagliano

Ep76: Claim Your Worth with Ieshea Hartwell

Ep75: Reclaim Your Life with Rana Walker

Ep74: Down Syndrome in Arts & Media with Gail Williamson

Ep73: Reading and Down Syndrome with Terry Brown

Ep72: Down Syndrome Research with Dr. Stephanie Sherman

Ep71: Helping Your Child Achieve with Christopher B. Pearman

Ep70: Applying the Law of Attraction (Pt 2) w/ Dr. David Che

Ep69: Childhood Cancer w/ Raymond Perkins

Ep68: Job Search Secrets with Abby Kohut

Ep67: 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women w/ Gail McMeekin

Ep66: Hands Off This Girl w/ Shandra Bradford & Nancy Howard

Ep65: Science Behind The Law of Attraction w/ Dr. David Che

Ep64: Bounce Forward: Resilience with Charmaine Hammond

Ep63: Coping with Life and Loss with Jo Latino

Ep62: Against All Odds with Ann Mock

Ep61: Alzheimer’s Speaks with Lori La Bey

Ep60: Seeing Beyond Impossible with Dr. Sindoor Desai

Ep59: Facing a Mothers Greatest Fears with Heidi J. Moore

Ep58: Special Education Advocacy Round-Table Discussion

Ep57: Empower Children w/Special Needs w/D. Schott

Ep56: Black and American through His Eyes with Don Smith

Ep55: The Story behind the Buddy Cruise w/ Jorge Arnoldson

Ep54: Learning to Let Go with Inez Reilly

Ep53: Struggling to Learn with Dr. Bob Zenhausern

Ep52: Coping with Alzheimer’s with Author Marilynn Garzione

Ep51: An Extraordinary Woman wCerebral Palsy w/S. Ross Brown

Ep50: Balancing Motherhood & Business with Traci Bisson

Ep49: Managing Emotional Eating with Bridgette L. Collins

Ep48: Preventing Emotional Abuse with Gail Pursell Elliott

Ep47: Managing the ADD Gifted Child w/Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Ep46: Helping Preteens Cope Through Storybooks wM Pettignano

Ep45: Finding Your Soul Mate w/ Gabriella Hartwell

Ep44: Surviving Autism Spectrum Disorder with David Wilde

Ep43: Essential Tools for Publicity with Danek S. Kaus

Ep42: Postpartum Assistance w/Dr. Shoshana Bennett, PhD

Ep41: DAD (Drums and Disabilities) with Pat Gesualdo

Ep40: How to Survive on a Modest Income with Danny Kofke

Ep39: Overcoming Tax Burdens with Michael Rozbruch

Ep38:Awareness for Children w/Down syndrome w/Kristy Colvin

Ep37: Lost Your Job? Now What! with Terry Kohl

Ep36: Ways You Can Save Money with Marie Dubuque

Ep35: Habits for Living Healthier w/Bridgette Collins

Ep34: Choosing Joe with Sharon Just:

Ep33: Ordinary Women Extraordinary Things w/ L. Wellington

Ep32: MOMtrepreneurship with Stacey Kannenberg

Ep31: Step into Your Purpose with Jerusha Jacobs

Ep30: Creating Intentions with Elizabeth Pagayonan

Ep29: Mr. Blue Sky with Tom Paddy Lee

Ep28: Beyond Hollywood with Jim Garrard

Ep27: Death of a Drama Queen with Jo Latino

Ep26: Social Benefits of Homeschooling w/ Rachel Gathercole

Ep25: Restoring Honor & Dignity in the Judicial System

Ep24: disFIGURED with Glenn Gers and Deidra Edwards

Ep23: Reece’s Rainbow with Andrea Roberts

Ep22: Fears of Having a Disabled Child w/ Dr. D. Montgomery

Ep21: Making it Count with Bryan Hurlbut

Ep20: The Perfect Board with Calvin K. Clemons

Ep19: Healthy Relationships w/Dr. Shirley Boone-Sanford

Ep18: Rett Syndrome with Ayme Sanchez

Ep17: Something More with Chuck Adams

Ep16: Body Image with Ophira Edut

Ep15: The Face of Addiction with R. F. Maldonado

Ep14: From Tragedy to Triumph with Jeremy Santana

Ep13: Changing Places with June Rochelle

Ep12: The Kept Ones with Bunny DeBarge

Ep11: Balance – Career and Family with Deidra Hughes

Ep10: The Soul of a Survivor with Chandra Leigh Brown

Ep9: Hope and Support with Sheila Hoffer

Ep8: My Name is Not Monkey Girl with Miriam Jacobs

Ep7: Invisible Disabilities with Wayne Connell

Ep6: How to Redirect Negative Energy with Melissa Zollo

Ep5: Understanding Mosaic Down Syndrome with Kristy Colvin

Ep4: Apraxia of Speech with Nancy Kaufman

Ep3: The Power of Forgiveness with Melissa Zollo

Ep2: Exciled from Her Country to Success w/ Angela Peabody

Ep1: Janet’s Journey w/DS & Leukemia w/Rick and Janet Dill


Click below to listen to the full version of the theme song for “The Yvonne Pierre Show”  The song is called “Meant to Fly” and was written and produced by Steffan Cooks and sung by Shawn Lewis